Proficiency Testing

Proficiency testing is one of the critical prerequisites for generating reliable analytical data and providing a high quality standard for microbiology services. Mycometrics is pleased to present our first round of proficiency test results on Fungal Direct Microscopic Examination (Round 3) and Field of Testing (FoT) Fungal Culturable (Round 27). Our results show that we obtained the highest score (100%) on both tests, thereby demonstrating our analytical proficiency. Please click the following links for detail. In order to maintain highest quality standard in the industry, at Mycometrics it is mandatory for all analysts to internally pass the required proficiency test before he or she analyzes client samples.

Click the following links to download or view the EMPAT results:

  • Fungal Direct Microscopic Examination Round 3 (Spore Trap Analysis)

  • Summary of EMPAT Round 27 (Culturable Fungal ID)

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